Sioux Falls dinosaurs will have a brand new exercise facility coming later this year, as the Washington Pavilion announced Wednesday that they have plans to complete the area this November.

“We welcome all hooves, paws, and claws to the new dino-mite facility! We DO ask that the dinosaurs not get out of control like in ‘Jurassic Park,’ but that they respect each other and play nice together. We all know how ‘Jurassic Park’ went, and we want to avoid shutting the facility down. We are very excited to get this opened just to see how many dinosaurs we attract!” said the statement from the Washington Pavilion.

Articles began hitting the dino-Facebook waves this afternoon, but we’re tracking that it’s doing the best in the Velociraptor communities.

“There is a HUGE lack of Velociraptor training facilities in this city, so to see the Washington Pavilion be one of the first to allow, not only us, but all other dinosaurs in the area a chance to come train and be like our heroes in the film ‘Jurassic Park’ is a huge win for every dinosaur in the community. When was the last time you heard of a famous dinosaur coming from Sioux Falls?” said one Velociraptor we spoke with.

The facility will open in November this year.

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