A local smoker who was near the Fryn’ Pan entrance is making headlines today, as police were called to the situation after the argument escalated into a physical altercation.

“These people are out here compromising my health by not wearing masks in the middle of a global pandemic! Don’t they know that not wearing masks kills people?! It drives me mad that people do that and think they can just get away with it like they own the place. I would never do such a thing, as I’m self aware and always look out for the people around me,” said the man after lighting up a cigarette near the entrance of a different Fryn’ Pan.

Sioux Falls Police claims that neither party was arrested for anything, but that the smoke near the entrance of the Fryn’ Pan caused them to lose their appetite.

“We were on our way to Denny’s to pick up them free pancakes, and we had to stop at the Fryn’ Pan to stop this altercation from escalating any further. We nearly arrested the man for smoking right in front of the door for causing us to lose our appetite, but we advised him to leave the property and the family to enjoy their meals before dispersing,” said the police officer we spoke with.

The family who was confronted by the smoker did not have any comment at this time.

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Adam K. White

Photo credit: Google Maps