A star was born months ago, but is just now getting the recognition it deserves.

“I’ve been taking it day by day, waiting for people to recognize my full potential. So over the weekend, I had tons of fan accounts made for me and all of this media attention, it’s just been a huge rush for me. I knew it was coming eventually, but I never knew I’d be the top tourist destination in the city, and hopefully in the state soon! Wall Drug might have a new contender soon!” said the 57th Street corn stalk.

Information is still trying to be located about how the corn stalk came to be in such a weird place, and it won’t give any kind of information on it.

“I’m not gonna comment on how I got here. Like most people in Sioux Falls, I may be from somewhere else, but I call this home now. I’m not sure why people need to know where I come from to come visit me? Come on out and enjoy the sunlight like I do everyday and maybe make a couple new friends!” said the corn stalk.

Fans of the stalk have started building shrines and bringing water sacrifices to it, as well.

“Today, we brought the corn stalk some of the most premium water we could purchase, Fiji! We try to keep people from bringing anything that comes from a faucet or the Big Sioux. We want to provide the best quality of life we can for this corn stalk! I’ve even thought about getting it it’s own security detail,” said one corn stalk fan.

No word on how much revenue the tourist destination has brought in.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White