A twist to the saga that is Sturgis took a hilarious turn this weekend, as motorcycle rally goers have begun tagging bunches of protest photos from earlier this summer as “Sturgis 2020” photos just to see how the media decides to spin it.

“We’re excited to see how they spin the whole ‘you can’t have a rally in the middle of a global pandemic’ thing goes from the people who were participating in large scale protests earlier this summer. I hope we make it on CNN! We’re all having a blast out here finding that we can all get along and make light of the situation,” said one motorcyclist we spoke with.

The riders seems to be poking fun at coastal “social media health experts” who never criticized large scale protests going on in their backyards, but called for the 2020 rally to be cancelled.

“I’m still not sure how you can get off on protesting on a scale THAT large, and then turn around and tell us not to live our lives. That’s like going out to the bar, having a drink, and telling others they can’t because it’s bad for them. I stand with them in their ability to protest, as this is a free country, but to be THAT hypocritical is just gross,” said another cyclist we spoke with.

It seems as though riders in Sturgis have a pretty fun week ahead of themselves if they keep up these hilarious photo tags.

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Adam K. White