Early Friday morning, Sioux Falls Police arrested a Toronto man for changing Sioux Falls city signage to “Sioux Sorry” which plays on “So Sorry.”

“It’s a good mix of dad joke, Canadian apology humour, and wordplay. It sounds like ‘so sorry’ and it’s a brilliant way to make people laugh in such dark times. I guess the people of Sioux Falls don’t appreciate good humour anymore! I want to say that I’m very sorry for any confusion I may have caused for other bikers headed to Sturgis for the rally,” said the very apologetic Canadian man we spoke with behind plate glass.

The Canadian man was on his way through Sioux Falls en route to Sturgis for the motorcycle rally currently being held.

“I’m a bit of a jokester in my home country of Canada, and I thought a nice road trip through America’s heartland would be a good experience to take in the views, and get a little bit of laughter in on the way. My wife hasn’t laughed in many years at any of my jokes, but she did give a little bit of a giggle when I changed the first sign. It’s a huge deal when something can make her laugh, because she’s straight French, so she’s got almost no sense of humour,” said the Canadian man.

Sioux Falls Police believe the man had good intentions for the joke, as they all laughed when they arrested him.

“Our officers all got a hoot out of the change, especially the dads in the department. I know the moms collectively rolled their eyes, but still gave a slight smile. So, it was kind of a bonding experience this Canadian guy brought to the department. We decided to release him on no charges, as long as he promised to head to Sioux City and change their signage to ‘Sewer City’ after the rally,” said a Sioux Falls Police Department representative.

No word if the man will fulfill his promise, but I think everyone in Sioux Falls would consider the man a hero if he does.

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Adam K. White