Large crowds hit downtown Sioux Falls over the weekend, as local bars announced patrons who wish to enter their premises, will be required to gargle a free shot of vodka to combat COVID-19.

“We thought of a creative way to abide by CDC guidelines AND have people gather in a large group, and that is to flush away the virus by requiring everyone to gargle a free shot of vodka before they entered. It turned out to be a huge hit! We were at maximum capacity on Friday AND Saturday night! I would have never thought that would’ve happened during a pandemic, but I’m not complaining!” said one local bar owner we spoke with.

Many pissed off citizens took to social media to condemn the bar goers.

“The fact that they aren’t getting COVID AND they’re having fun, seriously offends me. I can’t believe people have the nerve to be living their lives in such a crisis!” said one tweet

“This weekend, I went undercover to my local bar to see how social distancing was going inside and if people were staying 6 feet apart or not. I don’t remember much after I gargled my vodka shot at the door, but I’m VERY sure that no one was social distancing!” said one Facebook post in Sioux Falls Rants and Raves.

The Sioux Falls Police Department commented on the incidents during their presser on Monday.

“The free shots of vodka to combat the virus over the weekend really kept the department busy. Our arrests and tickets were up over 1000% compared to this weekend of years past. We ran some of the statistics by our friends at the hospital, and they said COVID cases were actually falling now due to the free vodka shots being gargled by bar patrons, so that’s a good statistic to have, but we want to remind you not to drive after your free shots, please,” said the Sioux Falls Police Department representative.

No word if the free vodka shots will continue next weekend.

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Adam K. White