A Sioux Falls man is recuperating in a local hospital after he passed out in a local grocery store from “holding his breath while shopping because he didn’t want to wear a mask.”

“We rushed to the grocery store after a 911 call came in and said a shopper passed out on Aisle 2. It looks like he was shopping for some potatoes at the time he went down. The caller said he went down like a ‘sack of potatoes’, which was very funny, but we are so glad they called as soon as they did, because permanent damage could have been done had they not called right away,” said one hospital representative we spoke with.

Funnily enough, the man could not avoid an oxygen mask after being picked up by the ambulance.

“I’m not too happy with the ambulance workers, to be honest. I’m very anti-mask, so when they put the oxygen mask on me, I felt like my freedoms were being stepped on. After the doctors release me, I plan on suing the workers who broke the law. I’m tired of these people forcing me to do something I don’t want too,” said the man from a hospital bed.

No word on when the man will be released from the hospital, just don’t hold your breath that will follow up on it. No one else in the local media does.

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Adam K. White