The Great Plains Zoo announced they will be hosting a “feed your ex to a tiger” streaming event after the Netflix series “Tiger King” became the latest internet sensation recently.

“In honor of the show ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix and having to find new revenue avenues during this pandemic, we’re going forward with our streaming event where people will bid on different pieces of meat, name the meat after an ex, and then watch the meat go into a tiger habitat. We think it’s going to be a huge hit not only in the area, but nation wide!” said one Great Plains Zoo representative we spoke with.

Many participants have been fond of “name a cockroach after your ex” events, and the zoo believes this event could top it.

“Naming a cockroach after your ex is amateur in our minds. People want to see tigers, and they want to see them attack a piece of meat. We all have that ex, so why not allow people to get some enjoyment out of it and make some money on the side? Plus the tigers all get a great meal at the end of the day. It’s a win-win for every side of the deal, honestly,” said the Great Plains representative.

Numbers of visitors have come to a complete standstill at the zoo as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, but participants looking forward to the event think it could have a long lasting effect on how citizens visit the zoo.

“I think participants in this event could be lifelong zoo fans after they watch a tiger completely obliterate a big piece of meat they named after their ex. They get a connection to the tiger and get closure on past relationships. It’s definitely going to be a relationship building moment for a lot of citizens who will continue to support the zoo when everything goes back to normal in a couple weeks. I’m looking forward to it!” said one citizen we spoke with who plans on participating.

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