As Sioux Falls continues to make national headlines, media companies from all over the country continue to have trouble locating where Sioux Falls is in South Dakota.

“We’ve tried throwing darts at the state to mark exactly where it is for our viewers from all over the world. It’s something we usually do when we have big stories from locations we’re not familiar with. We were pretty sure it was somewhere in Iowa, but turns out that is Sioux Falls City that we were thinking about. We threw a dart at South Dakota, and POOF! we found Sioux Falls!” said one anonymous CNN representative we spoke with.

Citizens of Sioux Falls who watch national news shows have no choice but to cringe at the television when a mismarked dart comes up on the screen.

“I was watching CNBC the other day, and the dart wasn’t even close. It was up by like Belle Fourche or something like that. They also said that Sioux Falls was a great city that was so lucky to be close to national monuments like Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. I couldn’t even keep track of how many mistakes there were in the story, so I had to just mute it and continue doing whatever I was doing on my phone,” said one Sioux Falls citizen we spoke with.

The jealousy of Sioux City citizens also hit a high mark today.

“We’re tired of Sioux Falls getting all these headlines. Where are ours? What ever happened to Sioux City being the crown jewel of the Midwest? Even when we get picked on, it’s a headline. Our tourism numbers are going to falter after really failing to grab those headlines. I’m not excited about those numbers because I know our hotels have been barren and our construction companies have actually been able to work on our interstate because no one is driving on it currently,” said one Sioux City citizen we spoke with.

No word on who exactly thought Sioux Falls was in Minnesota, but I have a good idea of who that could’ve been.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White