Early Tuesday, new cohesive branding was released among social media and citizens absolutely LOVE it!

“I’m loving the new branding that shows the complete togetherness of the city. You can really see how the ‘S’ is made out between the designs. With all the different colors and shapes hidden in the design, I’m ready to see this branding everywhere around town. This couldn’t have arrived at a better time in this city because I really believe it’s a time to see the city as one,” said one local citizen we spoke with.

It takes a couple of minutes for citizens to decipher the ‘S’ inside the logo, but after they do, it’s like a light bulb switches on.

“So, I definitely saw something different at first….but after that I saw the ‘S’ and absolutely dug it! For Sioux Falls to have a community logo at the center of so many organizations is definitely something everyone in the community asked for during this pandemic, so I really applaud when this hit,” said another Sioux Falls citizen we spoke with.

Other citizens aren’t too stoked on the idea of having a logo of this magnitude be among the community.

“What a terrible time for the city to try and push a new branding among citizens. This whole pandemic has shut everything down and the city is out here rebranding organizations that no one cares about. That and it looks like a sexual innuendo! Does it NOT look like ’69’?! Am I going crazy or what? How did this even make it past focus groups?!” said a citizen we spoke with.

Here are the rest of the logos:

Exxxperience Sioux Falls 1Exxxperience Sioux Falls 2Exxxperience Sioux Falls 3Exxxperience Sioux Falls 4Exxxperience Sioux Falls

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