Area pets have already started complaining about people being around ALL the time.

“I swear it’s been like a year since they’ve left me alone. A pup can only do so many walkies a day, and at this point I’m sick of it. Just leave me alone for a little bit, Karen. I’m tired, cranky, and just want to sleep on my bed with my bone without having you upload stupid videos of yourself being loud or whatever you’re doing,” said one local dog.

It’s no surprise humans have undergone a new found love of their local pets, but some didn’t ever want it.

“I’m here for the food, and that’s it. I never used to see my owners at all, which was SO nice. They would wake up, feed me, then leave me alone all day for sleepies. Now, they’re constantly trying to find me in my hiding spots, which I used to have about five of. That number has significantly dropped in the past couple weeks. It’s like they hate me or something,” said one cat we spoke with.

The immediate future looks pretty bleak for some pets, as their owners won’t be leaving for awhile still.

“I love being home with my fur babies! Going on all these walks and having someone to talk to and just love you no matter what is really relaxing in a stressful time. I bet they all love having me home all day and night now. They’ve gotten really spoiled over the past month or so! Even when I’m working, they’ll try to escape my love, but I don’t let them. I put their bed right next to my makeshift desk and of course they have to lay next to me!” said one pet owner we spoke with.

Remember to always give your pets a little extra space during these trying times.

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