A local Sioux Falls man is adding a little extra flair to his ‘in search of’ recommendation post on Facebook.

“People always ask in those Facebook groups who the best photographer in the area is, so I thought to myself ‘why not add something a little more to it!’ I’ve purchased a small piece of land outside of city limits and bought a bunch of weapons and some armor, even. I’m also trying to get the zoo to let me use tigers as a final battle,” said the man starting the pit.

Photographers in the area believe the small addition could bring a whole new way to finding work.

“I think it’s a unique way to see who the best is. I’m not sure what the rules are yet, but I’m sure it’ll be the usual blood bath and battle until it is the last one standing. I know a lot of photographers have been practicing at near by ax-throwing facilities just in case this ever came to light, so it looks like they’ll have the head start! Looks like I know what I’m doing this weekend,” said one local photographer we spoke with.

Citizens in the area aren’t quite sure how it’ll go, but believe the event should probably be televised for scientific purposes.

“I’m all for it, man. I think it should be televised and maybe have the final battle atop that arch thing over the river. Kind of like how that gladiator show used to be back in the 90’s. I’m not usually one for violence, but these photographer posts in every single Facebook group are starting to get on my nerves,” said one citizen we spoke with.

It is believed that the pit will start up when temperatures become steady enough to have an outdoor audience.

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