A flock of local chickens is wanted for questioning after a downtown business reported their storefront was egged over the weekend.

“We found a good amount of feathers at the scene, which leads us to believe that some local chickens could be the culprits. They’re probably a couple feet tall, look like normal chickens, you know the usual. We’re guessing they escaped their cages over the weekend and met at a predetermined location to do the egging. We see it all the time on houses, but not usually businesses,” said one Sioux Falls Police Department representative.

The business owners believe the chickens could have either bought the eggs nearby, or stolen them from local hens.

“Where they got them, we don’t know for sure. The whole thing is still a mystery, but hopefully it will get figured out. We’ve looked into hiring local foxes to track the chickens, but have been unsuccessful in that search thus far. We’re not going to press charges or eat them, we just want to know what was going through their heads at the time. They could be severely depressed chickens that we could help,” said the business owner.

Citizens were surprised to hear that absolutely NO ONE could have seen or heard these chickens in the downtown area over the weekend.

“There’s people literally everywhere downtown over the weekend. How are there absolutely no leads on what happened? Chickens are usually pretty loud about doing stupid things like this. They couldn’t have just quietly made an omelet or baked a cake with the eggs? I mean, come on,” said one local citizen we spoke with.

Still no word on what egged these chickens on.

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Adam K. White