Robbery rates in Sioux Falls have skyrocketed lately, and one woman hopes to capitalize on it by offering robbers a colorful variety of clothing for when they rob their next location.

“I keep hearing ‘they were in dark clothing or blue jeans or just straight black clothing’ and I thought maybe they just don’t have enough options when they go out to rob their local gas station. A light bulb popped on in the ole noggin, and I knew it would be an instant success with such a high robbery rate here in Sioux Falls. It’s going to be great for the city,” said the woman.

The Sioux Falls Police Department believes the boutique will offer a great variety to local robbers and can’t wait to see what they choose.

“I’m pretty sick of chasing people in dark clothing or hoodies, where is the variety? I want to chase leads with sparkles or something rainbow themed. Black and blue is so boring, especially in winter. It’s very dark and gloomy during the cold seasons, so we all believe if robbers were to add variety, it would really make everyone’s jobs more exciting,” said one Sioux Falls Police Department official we spoke with.

Local robbers also think the boutique could be a hit in Sioux Falls.

“Well, my dark hoodie and black mask are getting pretty worn out with how many places I’ve robbed lately. It’d be nice to get a sweet rainbow colored mask or some bright red pants. All in all, I think this boutique will be a great addition to the cities boutique family!” said one robber we spoke with.

The boutique hopes to open mid-summer this year.

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Adam K. White