All three Mexican restaurants in Sioux Falls are assuring local white citizens that it’s still okay to come eat at their establishments, which comes among decreasing sentiment against all things with “Corona” in the name.

“We want to assure all the gringos in Sioux Falls that it is still safe to come in to our place to eat. We have nothing to do with the coronavirus in Asia, but some citizens have expressed concern, so we are offering two for one Corona cervezas until people recognize the difference between beer and a virus. I believe the other two Mexican restaurants in town are also offering this deal, which is great for everyone,” said one Mexican restaurant owner we spoke with.

Coronavirus continues to spread across the world after being confusingly named close to the famous beer brand.

“We’re very upset this virus was named so closely to our world famous beer. Our beer has never killed anyone, even though it may feel like it on Saturday and Sunday mornings if you drink enough of them. So, I guess there are some similarities, but that’s not the point! We’d like to assure all consumers that our beer is still the tastiest and safest beer out there, especially in Mexican restaurants around the globe,” read a statement issued from a Corona representative.

Citizens believe the “twofer” deal could bring mass amount of business to the three Sioux Falls Mexican restaurants this weekend.

“It’s the weekend, baby! Let’s get some cervezas and some tacos! Who wants to grab some chips and salsa at the three Mexican restaurants we have here in town?! Hit me up!” read one Facebook post.

“Wait, when did we get another Mexican restaurant in Sioux Falls? I’m pretty sure Taco Bell and Taco John’s are the only Mexican restaurants we have here…” read a tweet.

“Don’t people know the difference between beer and something that is killing mass amounts of people every year?! There is a HUGE difference between drinking and getting sick!” said one party pooper on Facebook.

Now please excuse me while I go get some Mexican food…

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Adam K. White