A local Sioux Falls man was arrested earlier Thursday after police found him berating people with loud music and laughter after they slipped and fell on icy spots in a local Walmart parking lot.

“It was something that needed to happen to make light of all the gloomy weather we’ve had lately. I didn’t know that people would get all pissed off about falling to such a happy song. I read something online the other day about someone out here yelling cold weather puns, so I figured I would try my luck and get on the news, too,” said the man.

When police arrived at the scene, it looked as though the man had just finished up playing the song for a child who had recently slipped and fallen.

“We arrived on the scene to something very disturbing. After my partner and I slipped and fell on the ice, we heard that ‘Benny Hill’ song. You know, the dunn dun dunnndunn funny song that plays when people are in funny chases? Anyway, we got up and arrested the man after a small chase around the squad car with that song still playing,” said one Sioux Falls Police Department representative we spoke with.

Meteorologists warned of these slippery conditions, but like usual no one listened.

“We told you this was coming,” said one smug meteorologist we spoke with.

The police later released the man after questioning.

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