Sioux Falls citizens have started becoming more vocal about rejecting Iowan refugees as they start to flood the city.

“Whenever I go out shopping on Saturday, all I see is Iowa license plates everywhere. They’re terrible drivers, and think everything should revolve around them. Not just on the roads, but when pushing carts in Wal-Mart and Costco. This is SOUTH DAKOTA, not IOWA!” said one frustrated Sioux Falls citizen.

City council has assured the public they will accept Iowan refugees for as long as possible.

“We just really want to keep our jobs, so we’re going to vote for whatever the loudest people want. We’ve had a bad couple months here, so we really need to get a win with the citizens. None of us have to deal with them living in the rich neighborhoods, so whatever the citizens want, we’re going to vote for!” said one anonymous councilor we spoke with.

Citizens also took to social media to voice their opinions on the ordeal.

“LIKE if you think Sioux Falls should stay SOUTH DAKOTAN not IOWAN!” said one Facebook post.

“The fact that Sioux Falls doesn’t let just anyone come into the city is absolutely ridiculous. I went to a liberal arts college for art history, so I know how the world works and the Sioux Falls people are RACIST if they think they can keep these refugees from a great state out of Sioux Falls!” read one tweet from someone who has never been to Sioux Falls.

“lol people from Iowa would consider themselves refugees. That state sucks lol.” read another tweet.

Good luck to all in this weekend’s storm! (Even Iowan refugees)

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