Over the weekend, the city released a statement responding to concerned citizens questioning the similarities between the Sioux Falls city flag and recent rising crime rates.

“We believe it is 100% coincidence that our flag shows a graph heading upwards and the color red following it upward. If you look at the crime statistics right now, they actually wouldn’t show it going up that quickly. It’s just more of a steady increase, rather than the flag’s quick uptick. There is seriously nothing to worry about,” read the statement.

One city councilor we spoke with, wanted to speak to us in person about the similarities.

“It’s correct that Sioux Falls’ crime statistics have risen dramatically over the past 5 years since we started putting huge banners in big cities that Sioux Falls is a super safe place. That was our bad. But, now that is all past us and we need to work together to get these constant sirens figured out. We can barely have city council meetings without being interrupted by sirens blaring,” said the city councilor as sirens began blaring.

Citizens believe the flag has brought crime upon the city and some wish to have it removed.

“Seriously, ever since the flag was made public, we’ve seen strings of robberies, car theft, and even murders. It’s not healthy for us, and I believe it all has to do with the flag. It represents red, which is an evil color, to take over the blue, which is a good color. It’s just science. We need to repeal it as our flag and get another design as quickly as possible. Sioux Falls has an amazing art scene that would be able to produce one right away!” said one concerned citizen we spoke with.

What do you think? Coincidence or scientific fact?

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White