Local snowmobilers have officially grown tired of not being able to snowmobile on the Big Sioux River, so they’ve done the next best thing.

“It’s basically the same thing! One is just on frozen water and the other on liquid water! Since we’re probably not going to get a full season of snowmobiling on the frozen river, this will just have to do. It’s a lot more fun in big numbers, but we would like to caution interested parties that you really need to know how the craft works,” said one local snowmobiler we spoke with.

It’s a dangerous hobby, but the danger makes it that much more fun for some.

“Sure it’s dangerous. You could fall in and swallow some of the toxic water, lose control and hit land, or go over the falls. Most of the fun comes to us because of that very danger we seek to avoid. This is why we always wear protective gear when jet skiing in the Big Sioux,” said a snowmobiler turned jet skier.

Citizens are also excited someone finally started a tourism business that revolves around the river.

“We have this awesome river that runs right through our city, but city council continues to let is sit there and poison everything it touches. Good for these guys on starting something that could possibly move people to clean up the river! I stand by them 100% in their effort to expand tourism in the city, and help the environment,” said one local citizen we spoke with.

No word on how city council will approach this issue, but we are likely to see a business from New York get paid to examine it.

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Adam K. White