A recent gimmick backfire has caused local meteorologists and the Great Plains Zoo to end a very short relationship.

“The whole gimmick was to let the animals pick what the weather was going to do next. We started putting certain toys in different places, and them going to pick whichever toy they wanted with a forecast under it. The only problem is, they started to get the weather correct more often than we did. We take this job very seriously, so we have no choice but to end our relationship with them over childish gimmicks like this,” said one local meteorologist we spoke with.

At a 82.5% successive forecast rate, one giraffe lead the way, followed closely with a 79.4% success rate by one penguin.

“I think it’s unfair for penguins to be picking winter weather, honestly. They’re literally born in this kind of weather, so they’re going to have home field advantage over us humans. The whole thing was set up to make meteorologists look bad, even though we’re the ones who set this whole thing up. That’s like asking Ronald McDonald to pick out the best hamburger on the table,” said the meteorologist.

Citizens have started to rally around giving the animals a yearly salary and broadcasting their forecast for treats.

“If the giraffe and penguin correctly forecast the weather at a 80% succession rate, we need to have them be our go-to for forecasts. That’s the highest this area has ever seen, and lucky for us they’re not in Omaha. Usually something cool like this only happens in Omaha or Minneapolis, but maybe the tides have started turning and we won’t have to drive hours away for something good,” said one citizen we spoke with.

A big test comes this weekend for the animals, as a large winter storm is set to annihilate us.

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