Monday night, a local hockey player accidentally robbed a convenience store while asking for directions for a nearby restaurant.

“I just got done trying out, so I still had my mask on and everything. It gets really sticky and smelly, so I try to leave it on until my face and the mask separate. It’s kind of gross, but I didn’t even think anything of it until I’m in the store and the clerk is giving me all the money in the drawer. I just wanted directions to a restaurant my buddy was talking about,” said hockey mask guy.

Citizens came out in support for the hockey player after he was taken in for questioning.

“Hockey mask guy is all of us right now! #Misunderstood” read one Facebook post.

“I think everyone can relate a little bit to what hockey mask guy is going through at the moment. We’ve all been there, bro. Sioux Falls Strong!” read one tweet.

Not all citizens were supportive of the hockey mask guy, though.

“This man is going around in a hockey mask and it’s not even Halloween. It’s Christmas time! The most happy and jolly time of the year! At least put some holiday lights on the mask to make it more festive!” read one Facebook post.

Hockey mask guy is taking this time to remind citizens not to judge before you get to know the man behind the mask among other various political statements we are not allowed to write about.

“I just really wanted some tacos, so if the media outlets would stop putting words in my mask, that’d be great. I still haven’t gotten those directions, and I’m starting to get a little pissed off having to do all these interviews that have nothing to do with me getting food,” said hockey mask guy.

Today, we are all hockey mask guy.

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