The feeling of inclusion reaches far across the plains of the South Dakota today, as University of South Dakota officials reached out to me, demanding I write an article about them getting obliterated by North Dakota State over the weekend.

“It’s not fair that media outlets write so much about South Dakota State and never anything about us! It’s about time we demanded some respect, not only in Sioux Falls, but up in Brookings too! We both get beat by our neighbors to the north and literally NOTHING in the media about us,” read the statement from University of South Dakota Officials.

The University of South Dakota Coyotes got absolutely annihilated over the weekend, which could have lead media outlets to forget about the game.

“It was probably for the better that I didn’t write about it. To get blasted like that is an embarrassment to your school and football program. I never meant to leave USD out of the mix here, it’s just they’re never as good as SDSU at sports, so the expectations were set super low,” said Adam K. White of The Sioux Falls Headliner.

University officials wanted to remind media outlets, especially in Sioux Falls, that Vermillion will not take lightly to being left out of further unfair treatment.

“We always see Brookings this, Brookings, that. When does Verm-town get some love? It’s total biased and we’re simply tired of it. One day we will be as good as SDSU at something, and we will have the last laugh watching the media eat their words! Mark our words!” read the end of the statement.

Sheesh, salty much?

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White