Citizens believe they are entitled to millions of dollars from the city after city council decided to spend more money on the downtown parking ramp project.

“I’m here because I have an unfinished kitchen project I’ve been working on. It went over budget and the contractor backed out, so I’m kind of just stuck with an unfinished kitchen at the moment. I’m here because I see the city is handing out millions to unfinished projects that will never reach their potential,” said one citizen who began lining up at 5 o’clock this morning.

The city decided to double down Tuesday night and spend another $1.5 million on the project.

“We’re paying tens of millions of dollars for this thing already, what’s another couple million on top of it? We need to take down all of the cranes and clean up the project after blocking off public streets for months. This was absolutely needed and totally not budgeted into the already overpriced project like we thought it was,” said one anonymous councilor we spoke with.

City council has also begun brainstorming into how the city can recoup some of the lost funds to this project.

“We’re looking into wearing sponsor patches on our shirts during city council meetings, advertising on the sides of the parking ramp, even selling the city name for certain days of the week. I can definitely see something like the city being named Avera Falls during the weekend and then Sanford Falls during the week. It’s a bold idea, but some of us believe the deal could work,” said one anonymous councilor we spoke with.

City council will also enter a 1 year contract with Purell to try and sanitize this ordeal from their records before reelection time.

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Adam K. White