It was announced early Tuesday morning that Sioux Falls hero Chuck Brennan is set to rescue the Village On The River project from certain destruction and city council isn’t sure what to think.

“The city is completely open to any kind of businesses or business people want to assist us on the completion of this project. We think it’s definitely doable and it would be a great way for Chuck to get back in the mix of the Sioux Falls metro! We haven’t run this by any kind of citizen favorability polls quite yet, though,” said one anonymous city councilor we spoke with.

It looks as though Dollar Loan Center would end up not only with naming rights to the whole project, but would also be building a hotel too.

“We’re calling it the Dollar Loan Center On The River. It’s going to be the entertainment and financial center of the city, complete with a hotel and Dollar Loan location, along with other tenant spots available. A casino and a Huset’s Speedway box office could also appear as future tenants at some point,” said the statement from Mr. Brennan.

Citizens were stunned at the news, and took to social media.

“Wait…what?” said one Twitter user.

“Uhhhhhhh?” said one Facebook post.

“You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me. – Chuck Brennan to Sioux Falls City Council,” said another Facebook user.

It has finally come full circle.

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