Following an embarrassing loss to rival North Dakota State, the NCAA decided to send South Dakota State back to division II.

“We’re tired of South Dakota State continuing to embarrass themselves on the big stage, so we hope they enjoy their time back in the lower division. We’re sure they’ll be back, but for now they need to sit in the lower division and think about what they’ve done. After College Game Day was in Brookings, this is how they responded to the national stage. We’re not having it,” said the letter from the NCAA.

This is not the first time the NCAA has tried demoting South Dakota State, though.

“We really tried demoting them after they failed to get Mike Daum to the tournament last year. How can you not win with a talent like that? The nation wants to see the best of the best, and when you suck that badly in your own tournament, on your home court, that’s pretty sad. With this weekend’s loss, it was a easy decision going forward,” said another part of the letter.

South Dakota State did not take lightly to the letter of demotion.

“We believe the NCAA reacted unfairly and plan on appealing it. We’ll probably lose that too, but at least it won’t be to North Dakota State. The NCAA should give us at least one more chance and they won’t be disappointed. At least we’re not the University of South Dakota!” read a letter from South Dakota State.

South Dakota State hopes to beat a rival that is not USD some day.

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Adam K. White