As crime statistics continue to rise, the Sioux Falls Police Department has promised it will do anything possible to keep up with criminal activity and ssometimes that means bringing in more funds to hire more staff.

“It’s really a win-win for everyone in the community. People around crimes will not only be exposed to local musicians blaring over our siren speaker, but we also get paid to do it. I’m hoping my cruisers gets some super heavy metal song, so the criminals will be intimidated when I’m chasing them. I think it’ll also get the bands some great exposure, because my siren is almost always on nowadays,” said one anonymous police officer we spoke with.

Local musicians often struggle to get their songs out into the public sphere, but some are hoping this might just be able to break them into the mainstream.

“I’m absolutely loving the idea that my song ‘Gonna Get U’ could be blasting over the loud speaker of a cruiser. I actually wrote it watching a marathon of ‘Cops’ last month! I think it’ll be a great program for musicians like me to really get some grip here in Sioux Falls where there isn’t a lot of places to go and play. I think I’m going to write more songs for the police department to start using, as well,” said one musician we spoke with.

Some local residents are hesitant on the idea, though.

“The last thing I need to hear is some stupid band’s music playing in my front yard when my home is burglarized. It’s bad enough I have to hear the sirens here every night, but tack on some kid’s stupid song about drugs and I’m going to go nuts! I really hope this program doesn’t make it,” said one citizen of north Sioux Falls we spoke with.

I will be taking a couple days off to write the next hit song to be featured on a police siren.

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