The Sioux Falls Police Department is asking for public assistance to help locate the fall season that was last seen with Christmas carolers late Thursday night.

“We know that it’s been gone for a couple days now. It’s not supposed to be this cold and snowy in mid-October, so this is a call out to anyone willing to volunteer to help find the fall season. We have had a few leads that believe Christmas carolers are to be last seen with the season, so that is where we have started the investigation,” said one SFPD official we spoke with.

Snow, wind, and cold temperatures came into Sioux Falls like a wrecking ball, and now we’re completely out a season.

“How does this even happen? A whole season just…gone? It’s baffling that these things can happen in this lovely, quiet town. I have the upmost confidence in the police to find the sick Christmas carolers that may have done it. I love Christmas and everything, but mid-October is way too soon for Christmas stuff to be happening. I can barely stand Thanksgiving stuff in October. October is for Halloween,” said one citizen we spoke with.

We reached out to a few local meteorologists about the sudden fall season vanishing. The one we spoke with wishes to keep his identity anonymous to protect his life.

“We called this on our 3 and 7 day forecasts for anyone who actually watched the forecast. Even if you looked at just the app on your phone, it said there was snow and cold coming. We don’t really know why people are so pissed off. I’ve gotten a lot of hate emails and messages on social media about changing the weather, but I can’t simply change the weather by changing my forecast,” said one anonymous meteorologist we spoke with.

Fall, if you’re out there…come home.

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