A Sioux Falls crime fighting superhero was arrested early Thursday morning for being too close to Governor Kristi Noem’s Sioux Falls office.

“It’s a shame that it’s come to this. I’m trying to stop crime across the Sioux Empire, and I get arrested for being too close to someone’s office. Why not just let me go free and let me do my thing by stopping crime that is on a steady rise around Sioux Falls? I believe I’m entitled to fight crime wherever I see it,” said Sioux Falls crime fighter Potman.

The arrest came in the early morning where Potman was fighting a couple drug dealers.

“We saw this guy in a weed costume handing out free weed so a deal didn’t turn violent. Here in Sioux Falls, we need those crime statistics to get more budget to buy cool stuff, and this guy is out here trying to cut down on crime by handing free weed out. We can’t have this filth on our streets. It’s a disgrace, not only to the police force, but to the citizens we protect and serve,” said one police officer who made the Potman arrest.

It’s still unclear the Potman’s motives, but citizens believe him to be a helpful spirit.

“I love what he does. My son was in a violent marijuana deal, and if Potman was there, the deal would have wound up completely different. I’m really hoping the Potman is here to stay, because he is the hero we need right now in the world. Sioux Falls is a better place when people are peaceful around the marijuana deals,” said one parent we spoke with.

We love you, Potman.

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Adam K. White