It is every internet reader’s nightmare: a website you really dig moving behind a paywall so you can’t read their interesting, and sometimes funny articles.

“I just can’t believe they’d do that. I understand people want to get paid for their work and such, but just think of the children! Some people are just born monsters and you can’t help but just shake your head at their greed. It’s despicable, honestly,” said one reader we spoke with.

News broke early Wednesday morning that the site moved behind a paywall, and as of writing this article all posts are behind a $3.99/month subscription model.

“It’s really my late night entertainment. I go on there when I need a good laugh and to see what’s going on in my city. Now that it’s behind a paywall and the owners want $3.99 a month of my hard earned money, I think I will find another late night entertainment activity that costs WAY less than 13 cents a day,” said one upset reader we spoke with.

A cryptic photo was posted earlier in the week, that basically gave away the future intentions of the website moving behind a paywall.

“It was a picture of a coin going into a computer with an eye on the screen. I should have known my favorite website would eventually want to get paid for their work. It’s just really sad, because I thought they were the chosen one fighting against greed, but I guess not! Whoever runs that website is one greedy son of a bitch!” said one REALLY upset reader we spoke with.

Stupid paywalls, amirite?

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White