Sioux Falls City Council will soon be adding on every college kid’s favorite house party game to city parks.

“I’m super stoked, man. Now, I don’t have to host a bunch of drunk ass people at my house. I can play at a city park against people who are already living there and not have to clean up after them. I think it’s a huge win-win for all of Sioux Falls, but especially the college communities that seem to be forgotten here,” said one college student we spoke with.

City council believes the beer pong tables should be paid for the same way city playgrounds are paid for.

“We already pay for playgrounds for children, why not pay for a playground for adults too? Parents can come out to the parks, play a game of beer pong while their children play on the playground, and life is great. Maybe they can even grill a couple of steaks and enjoy the great city park scene,” said one anonymous city councilor we spoke with.

Other citizens aren’t too convinced that city parks absolutely have to have beer pong tables, though.

“Seems like a waste of money in my eyes, but this city is used to throwing money at stupid projects. They’re super sure about fixing up the downtown scene around the Big Sioux, but not actually putting money into the ACTUAL river itself that can’t pass federal levels for safe swimming. That’s pretty sad for a city of almost a quarter million people,” said one citizen we spoke with.

Anyone need a beer pong partner?

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