In a last ditch effort to sell Huset’s Speedway, Chuck Brennan plans to list the property as “Lake Huset” after record water levels flooded the raceway.

“It’s a great deal for a lake, or lake front property if someone chooses to build around the lake. I’m almost positive it’ll sell as quickly as it is listed as a lake or lake front property. We’re very excited to get this deal done as it’s a huge win-win for all parties involved,” said a statement from Mr. Brennan.

Brennan also said if the lake does not sell within the month, a jet ski race will be held for the rights to the property.

“We really love the jet ski idea and think it could bring in huge revenue for both us and the city that refuses to work with us on anything. I think the buy-in for the race will be around the quarter million dollar mark, with whoever winning the races retaining the rights to the lake property. It’ll be the largest jet ski race ever!” said another statement from Mr. Brennan.

A different statement was released over the weekend saying there was no plan to lower the price of the property should the jet ski race be cancelled for some reason.

“The jet ski race will go on as planned, even if we receive no racer buy-ins. There are a ton of interested parties who all would love to buy into the race, but are waiting for someone to make the first move. The lake property will not have it’s price lowered and will remain at the $7.45 million mark,” said the statement released earlier this weekend.

We’re hoping someone with a ton of money just buys in a bunch of water ski squirrels and sells the place out.

Let’s go, Denny.

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Adam K. White