It’s not every day you see the good in people, but today is apparently that day.

“It just has to be done, really. It’s always good to take a break on super long projects, and this just hit home at the right time. I’ve called Sioux Falls my home for some time now, and I’m very glad I could help out the community in a positive manner for once! It’s really no skin off my back…or anyone else’s for that matter,” said one local chainsaw murderer we spoke with.

Many citizens were grateful for all of the chainsaw murderers coming out to assist them with cleanup on their properties.

“I’ve known there was some good in him for awhile now, he just needed a little push to get the good out. It’s really a fantastic story of how good can triumph in the worst of people. This storm really brought everyone together in a special way. I’m so proud of this community in every single way!” said one citizen we spoke with.

While citizens are happy to see the community come to help, other are scared for future storms because the so-called “Sioux Falls Bubble” has apparently burst.

“I was always under the impression that Sioux Falls had some kind of imaginary, magic bubble around it where every storm just kind of went around us. I guess that bubble has burst now, which is a crazy thing to happen to everyone who has lived here for some years now and had no problems,” said one citizen who has lived here for two decades.

Stay safe during tonight’s storms, everyone.

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Adam K. White