NBA star LeBron James has made an offer to buy all Taco John’s locations in about 27 states just so he can yell “Taco Tuesday!” on his social media platforms once a week.

“It may be a big purchase to you, but having that trademarked ‘Taco Tuesday’ in Mr. James’ arsenal makes him that much more powerful. Not only will he be able to legally yell ‘Taco Tuesday’ online now, but he’ll also be the owner of a great chain of West-Mex restaurants he will never visit! It’s a win-win for everybody, but especially my client,” said Mr. James’ representative we spoke with.

While LeBron will own the trademark to “Taco Tuesday” now, the internet is unsure how he will crack down on the use of it by plebs such as ourselves.

“I started yelling ‘Taco Tuesday’ on my social media platform before LeBron did. Just another reason I like MJ more,” said one Twitter user.

“LeBron gonna own ‘Taco Tuesday’ like he owns the NBA right now. #hatersgonhate” said another Twitter user.

“In typical LeBron fashion, he will not pass the ball on purchasing Taco John’s locations. He really wants to keep yelling ‘Taco Tuesday’ on social media, so a small West-Mex chain will be trading their trademark for cash considerations,” said Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter.

Taco John’s has owned the ‘Taco Tuesday’ trademark since 1989.

No word on what this will mean for Sioux Falls locations.

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PS. Please don’t sue me.