Just a couple of weeks into the Arc of Dreams being completed, it has decided to relocate cities.

“Have you seen some of the stuff floating in the river? Not only is the smell really bad, but I had some weird stuff splash up on me and that was the last straw. The people who pass by are really friendly, but it’s no surprise they’re in kayaks and not touching the water,” said the Arc of Dreams.

Many people have visited to the Arc since it’s been completed, but it says the visitors can’t keep it here.

“I really appreciate all the visitors I get throughout the day, but if I see another mutated fish in the river, I might lose my lunch that day. I’m almost positive people just dump their trash in there when no one is looking. It’s pretty sad when there is more trash in the river than the landfill outside of town,” said the Arc.

After a recent flub of HBO, the Arc is believed to be checking out Sioux City as it’s next post up site.

“You know, I’ve heard the cities are pretty similar. Sioux City DOES have a couple of Chick Fil A locations I can go to. I also heard HBO was there documenting the area, so it’s got to be a pretty sweet location. Then there is the Hard Rock casino where I can gamble on sports coming up here soon. I think Sioux City is making a pretty good case to be my next home!” said the Arc.

No final relocation date has been officially set yet.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White