Sioux Falls obviously needs another casino, so it’s no surprise that the old Bob’s Cafe building will soon be taking your money in a few different ways.

“I’m pretty freaking excited, honestly. We have somewhere around 200 some casinos to choose to rob, so adding another one will be a totally welcome sight for me and my buddies. Not only is the location prime, but it’s going to have alcohol in it as well. It’s what we in the casino robbing business call a “twofer,” said one local robber we spoke with.

The old Bob’s Cafe has been empty for some time now, but locals aren’t surprised it’s becoming a casino.

“Honestly, we’re not surprised. Whenever there is a vacant building on 12th, it becomes a car dealership or a casino. It’s like a mini-Vegas strip here. We’ve got prostitutes and drug dealing at the hourly motel, casinos, dealerships, people walking around drunk, and tons of crime. This casino isn’t going to do much for anyone in the area, but what do I know?” said one local citizen we spoke with.

Local children have even created a game to count how many car dealerships and casinos are on W. 12th Street.

“Every time my parents drive down that street, the number gets higher. It’s a really fun game where each time you count a car dealership, you get 10 points, a casino that hasn’t been robbed counts as 5, and a casino that has been robbed counts as 1. The best thing about it is every casino has been robbed on that street, but you don’t tell new players that!” said one child we spoke with.

Let us know how many points you get next time you drive down W. 12th Street!

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