Almost a year after Tom Hanks sent out his stamp of approval for Sioux Falls in the form of a tweet, HBO crews were supposed to be documenting our great city this week.

“Nearly a year after Hanx saw the light, @HBO will will be in #SiouxFalls this week documenting our great city. If you happen to see the film crew, give them some SF love,” read the tweet from Mayor Paul TenHaken.

It comes as no surprise that people from outside the immediate area would get the two cities mixed up, though.

“Honestly I just say I’m from Sioux nowadays. I consider it the metro-area between Sioux Falls and Sioux City. Eventually, it’ll just connect and we’ll be like Los Angeles and all of its small towns and cities that blend together. I hope HBO documented how crappy Sioux City was, though. Smells like pig butt,” said one citizen we spoke with.

Sioux Falls and Sioux City have long been mixed up by 99% of the public, and for that, have an intercity rivalry in almost every way.

“Well, Sioux City has been at the forefront of many things, but Sioux Falls has always had the population numbers. Sadly, Sioux City has a Chipotle and multiple Chick Fil A’s, so that makes them immediate favorites for people to visit. Heck, I even visit those restaurants twice a week. I don’t even mind driving through that 50 year construction they’ve got going,” said another citizen we spoke with.

The documentary will release later this year.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White