It seems as though the construction of the Arc of Dreams has not been completely finished yet.

“We’re looking to add the finishing touches on the Arc. It includes a large swing that will be able to fit up to 4 normal sized people, or 2 regulars at Pizza Ranch. We are really hoping to take our tourism to another level with recent additions to the city. We’ve got a brand new parking ramp downtown going up, and other stuff going on around town. It’s a great time to come to Sioux Falls!” said one representative close to the project.

The swing will become fully functioning later this summer with crews working nonstop until it’s complete.

“I personally can’t wait to take my wife on it. We’re regulars at Pizza Ranch, so we won’t be able to take the kids up at the same time, but it should be fun regardless! It’ll be like that Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas! I just hope we don’t have to jump into the river to get down from the swing. That would make it definitely not worth it!” said one citizen we spoke with.

The swing installation above the Big Sioux brings a whole new slew of problems, though.

“I’m not sure if you’ve seen the mutants crawling out of the river lately, but I’m going nowhere near that river. It’s surprising that the city has completely ignored cleaning up the river while claiming to be advanced by being able to report a pothole with an app,” said one concerned citizen we spoke with.

The swing should be fully functional and ready for use very soon.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White