The dog park will be converted to an off-leash duck park later this month as flooding continues to plague the park.

“Some dogs will still be allowed at the park, but for the most park we really want people to be able to let their ducks go to the park and swim around. It’s the first of its kind in the area and we’re so proud that Sioux Falls is a leading force in the area,” read the announcement.

Efforts to make use out of flooded areas are no surprise since wet weather has plagued the area for months.

“We really wanted to create an all natural water park since the wet weather seems like it is here to stay, but the logistics really got in the way of that. Clean water, safety, and all that nonsense was too tough to pull through,” said one source close to the announcement.

With cold, wet weather continuing into the next couple days, meteorologists believe making use of flooded areas is a great idea.

“No one really listens to us anyway, so we might as well chime in on the decision and hope for the best. We believe it’s about a 40% chance of the duck park being a good idea, but we will still get angry messages if not,” said one local meteorologist we spoke with.

The duck park will be open immediately to anyone with a pet duck.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White