Not only has orange cone season started, it brings along a very prestigious award for Sioux Falls!

“Another year, another great award coming to Sioux Falls! I know whenever I see orange cones in the street, I definitely forget how to drive. Navigating them can be a difficult job, especially when it’s raining or sometimes snowing. Every now and then I’ll try to read what the signs say to do, but who has time for that when you’re stopped in traffic and people are texting you?” said one city official we spoke with.

City council is set to tout the award to the public tonight at their meeting.

“We don’t really have any big issues plaguing the city at the moment, so we plan on bragging a little bit about this award. So, we set aside some money for lawyers on certain downtown projects, but the bigger story should be how we set aside money for more award cases at city hall!” said one councilor we spoke with.

Some citizens weren’t too fond of this award, though.

“It’s the freaking Iowans that can never navigate those cones! This award wouldn’t even come close if Iowans and people on their phones weren’t driving on our streets. We have all these direction signs up telling you exactly what to do in this situation, yet people from out of town continue to ignore them!” said one fed up citizen.

Orange cone season will continue through the summer months.

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Adam K. White