Sioux Falls has officially renamed the Village On The River project and it’s not a very surprising change considering recent news.

“Little huts are hip and cool in big cities, so it’s really an upgrade over a village if you think about it! Huts can be very affordable and super fancy at the same time, and I believe that’s how downtown Sioux Falls really sees itself now. Yes, we may have paid double for the parking spaces, but that just adds to the fanciness of it all,” said one city planner we spoke with.

Sioux Falls paid an extraordinarily overpriced premium for the minimal amount of parking spaces citizens might actually get to park in.

“The premium we paid for parking downtown is not unlike the actual parking fees citizens already pay to park down here. They’ll get a nice, covered area to maybe find a spot to park in and they’ll be downtown! It’s going to be a really nice area, even if it is just a little hut compared to the village we were hoping to have there,” said the city planner.

Citizens had a good idea something like this was going to come, but no one wanted to speak up about it as per usual.

“I kind of thought it was a shady deal at first, then I saw them overspend our tax dollars and thought I might attend a city council meeting, but I really just never had time to go. I’m a really busy person, but now that I’m seeing this whole project being downgraded and very sketchy at best, I’m super pissed off about it!” said one concerned citizen.

City council hopes no one notices the downgrading.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White