Rainy conditions are a welcome sight for the Sioux Falls pothole filling teams.

“Not only do we get to take breaks from constantly putting band-aids on the streets, the rain fills all of the potholes up, so they look completely filled! It’s definitely a win-win for not only us, but the drivers of Sioux Falls too! They get filled potholes, and we get the day off,” said one street department representative we spoke with.

With rain conditions expected well into the night hours, the “filled” potholes will be around for quite some time it seems.

“We’re expecting rain amounts around one inch, with even some snowfall expected overnight! Any snow that we get will really help fill in those pesky potholes we all drive over every day on our way to work. I know it puts me in a bad mood when I keep hitting the same one over and over, but this rain will at least make it seem like the street department is doing something,” said one meteorologist we spoke with.

Citizens hope the potholes will actually get a permanent fix rather than a temporary fix, as well.

“I know the city has money to fix them permanently, but they’re still as bad as ever. Even in the beloved downtown area! The first time I’ve ever been grateful the speed limit is so slow! Otherwise, my car would be in pieces from driving over all of them at 30 miles per hour,” said one citizen we spoke with.

On the other hand, if we fixed all the potholes I would run low on content to post.


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