The “Village On The River” project has been seen by many as a waste of tax payer dollars, a scam, and a behind-closed-doors deal, but that didn’t stop city council from being super duper surprised they’re now having difficulties with the project.

“I’m actually super surprised that a contract that was pushed through like it was much to the dismay of the citizens of Sioux Falls is having such difficulties. It’s really a head-scratcher because we always thought it was going to be great for the citizens of this city to over pay for parking spots they won’t get to use and for private businesses to literally be built on top of that structure,” said one anonymous city councilor we spoke with.

In an effort to raise funds in case they need to complete the project themselves, city council has looked into 24-hour meter parking downtown now that winter storm ticketing has come to a screeching halt.

“For awhile there, we were getting winter storm tickets every other week and we were going to use that money to fund more mixed-use projects like this one. Now that winter has gone, we’re looking at new ways to screw downtown businesses over,” said the anonymous councilor we spoke with.

The dedicated $20.6 million of taxpayer funds are now currently sitting on the ugly structure downtown, but that’s not scaring people off, says one planner.

“Okay, yes, it’s ugly. But, it’s going to be a magnificent structure once it’s all done. Citizens will be able to use available parking spots there for a fee, if the businesses allow that to happen. We really think this structure was for the citizens, by the citizens. What better way to treat your citizens than parking and hotels?” said one city planner we spoke with.

The 15-story mixed-use complex is scheduled to start later this year after missing the May start deadline.

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Adam K. White