Restaurants opening, and closing is part of the business cycle of life, and for Sioux Falls it’s become a familiar theme that weeds out the bad restaurants from the good.

“We let our staff know the day we were closing which, unfortunately, was the same week we opened. We had a lot of things go wrong, so this was a necessary move management needed to make to make the best of the situation,” said the restaurant manager.

While the restaurant was barely open a week, citizens never even realized it had opened in the first place.

“Usually there is a Facebook post that goes viral in the area for a grand opening of a new restaurant, then you’ll go there, and it’s packed for about a month. With this one, I never even knew it existed! It’s crazy how quickly business can go downhill, but I really feel bad for all those workers who are now jobless,” said one citizen we spoke with.

Other citizens took to Facebook to bid their goodbyes to their favorite restaurant.

“I went there once, and it was great! I would have kept going there, but I just couldn’t find the time to support a local business. I’m really going to miss this Sioux Falls classic, and I hope something else opens up soon in its place!” said a citizen who claims to have loved the restaurant after one visit.

The building plans to sit for another year before something else goes in.

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