With traces of snow falling over the weekend, Sioux Falls citizens really started to miss complaining about hot temperatures.

“I was really starting to get used to complaining about the hot temperatures we were having, and then this little cold snap happens. I thought we were all done with winter? Can Mother Nature make her mind up, so I can prepare my Facebook complaints accurately again?” said one local weather complainer.

Meteorologists started winning back the hearts of local citizens by putting 70 and 80 degree days back on the 7 day forecasts, but those were short lived.

“I really started to forgive my weatherman for this past winter being awful. Seeing 80 degrees on the 7 day really excited me and I started to get all my gardening supplies again. Now I’m preparing to post a very anger filled Facebook message to them expressing my displeasure that warm days are a thing of the past,” said another local weather complainer we spoke with.

Local meteorologists believe we’ve hit a weird winter-spring skid that happens every now and then.

“It’s sort of a weird circumstance where we sometimes get stuck between winter and spring. It also happens during the summer and fall. You know, where we get one day that is 90 degrees and then the next day is only 50? It’s something we call ‘weather’ around South Dakota,” said one local meteorologist we spoke with.

No 80 degree days are in sight, sorry people.

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Adam K. White