The Argus Leader is suing Sioux Falls City Council to find out how many hours of home flipping shows have been watched after a recent report was released showing city council is interested in buying homes in flooded areas.

“How can you not binge watch them when they’re on? Everyone does it. We just want to know what the damage is on how many hours were watched before this big decision was made by city council. They will be using tax payer funds to purchase these homes, so we want to see how knowledgeable they are,” said one anonymous reporter from the Argus Leader we spoke with.

Home flipping shows have been very popular over the past years, and it looks as though they’ve finally started to influence local figures more and more.

“When you see them buy a house for like $50,000 and then sell it for $250,000, it makes you want to get into that business. It seems as though city council is very keen on trying to make a buck or two off these flood ravaged homes. Where the profit goes, we might never know, but you bet your ass we will sue for that information!” said the anonymous reporter.

It’s still unclear how many homes will end up being flipped, but citizens in that area could stand firm on the city trying to make money on their homes.

“I’ve lived in this area since I was a little boy and I’ll be hard pressed if I’m going to let the city come in and tell me I need to sell my family home! So, we got a little water, big deal! We live by a river! That’s to be expected!” said one citizen we spoke with.

The home flipping process could take years to happen.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White