Sioux Falls citizens are recognizing a familiar picture plastered all over the internet today.

“I saw the picture and seriously thought it was the road in front of my house. I’ve seen squirrels jump in there never to be seen again, and that black hole took my bumper off last week. Since it’s been raining so much, we’ve taken over the “10,000 lakes” title from Minnesota,” said one citizen we spoke with.

The black hole picture has been almost everywhere on the internet, but most Sioux Falls citizens didn’t realize it was millions of miles away.

“Pretty sure that’s just a close up of the pothole I hit a couple weeks ago on Minnesota Avenue. When someone told me it was a black hole in space, I kind of dismissed it because it looks so much like the holes on our roads,” said another citizen we spoke with.

To many citizens, it was a relief to they weren’t alone in the universe of potholes.

“I’m actually super relieved that we might not be the only people with potholes in the universe. Who would have thought we’d see this information in our lifetimes? It’s such a cool feeling knowing our struggles are universal. Literally!” said another citizen we spoke with.

Sioux Falls citizens actually look forward to construction season this year to get everything straightened out on the streets.

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