Starting at a whopping $2,100 a month, the new luxury Sandcastle Apartments are everything you dreamed of, and more.

“We originally wanted to create a nice mixed use building with the leftover sandbags from the floods, but after much consideration and partnering with local realtors we have decided to build the very futuristic Sandcastle Apartments at Downtown Sioux Falls! They’re going to be a great site for locals and tourists alike!” said one representative close to the situation.

The announcement was met with mixed reviews from locals.

“How do they expect me to pay that kind of rent AND buy 7-dollar cupcakes?! Rent is getting ridiculous in this city! Although, living in a sandcastle has always been a dream of mine. I could end up looking into them after all!” said one local who expressed mixed feelings about the project.

Partnership with the city on this project has been seen by many as going to the highest monetary donor, just like how Journey Group got the new school project.

“We’re really hoping that the local construction companies start donating money to get the contract like we handed out a couple months ago for the new school. It’s a very prestigious honor to be working with the city on projects like this, so we’ll probably be contacting everyone to see how much money they will donate to get the project awarded,” said one representative

The Sandcastle Apartments at Downtown plan to be completed by early 2021.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White