Mayor TenHaken has been no stranger to posting selfies all over the internet, but with the recent news of former Mayor Huether getting his own Keloland television show, TenHaken has plans of boosting his current output of selfies.

“I firmly believe I will need to keep busy after my time as mayor, and what better way to do that is to get out on the road just like our former mayor. It’s great that he’s got his own television show on Kelo, but I believe I would do a better job at it. Just look at how much stuff I get done by taking selfies!” read the statement.

He’s not wrong in his quote. Look at that one pothole he got filled on Minnesota Avenue after coming home from a city council meeting where they denied more funding for city crews to get potholes fixed.

“There’s really an art to taking a selfie, and if you think that just taking a generic selfie is going to get stuff done, you are completely wrong. Just look at how quickly the Minnesota Avenue potholes got fixed after my selfie earlier this week!” read the statement.

Keloland has yet to determine if Mayor TenHaken is worthy enough for a television show.

“We’re still browsing his selfie catalog now and we will decide on the future of his television show very soon. Until then, we highly encourage the mayor to keep taking selfies with Sioux Falls issues to get them corrected as quick as possible. After that, we might issue an order for a pilot episode,” said an anonymous source close with the situation.

No figures on how many more selfies will be posted as a result of the recent news.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White