Local boutiques have taken full advantage of the record flooding by introducing the “flood pants” to local citizens.

“It’s something that you’re seeing more and more as the waters rise in the river and flood everything. People don’t want to get the bottom of their pants wet, so it only makes sense to buy pants that are a little bit shorter length. It’s very sexy in flooded places,” said one local boutique owner we spoke with.

Not only are “flood pants” flying off the shelves, but vests that look like life preservers have come back into style as well.

“The classic ‘Marty McFly’ look has taken Sioux Falls completely by storm. I think it could just be that people are starting to think they live by an ocean and at any point the water could rise, so why not dress for the occasion? Just maybe not that eyesore of an orange color, you know?” said the local boutique owner.

With temperatures heading to the 50’s after what seems like the longest winter ever, more and more shorts have also been seen.

“We’re seeing a lot more spring dressers coming in. More than half the time the shorts are too high on the thigh. We’re not really sure if that has to do with people planning on the flood waters getting way higher, or if people are just that overconfident,” said the boutique owner.

Welcome to spring!

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