Spring is just around the corner, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is happy.

“I’m pretty upset the snow is gone and that means I have to actually attempt to park inside the lines in the parking lots I use. Parking anywhere is just so much easier for everyone and causes way less door dings!” said one upset citizen we spoke with.

While many lines will probably be ignored anyway, it’s encouraging to see people still trying to be between the lines.

“We see a ton of pictures of people and their terrible parking jobs. We get a good laugh out of people trying to get between the lines after a long winter of parking wherever they wanted to. The only bad thing is that we get a lot more calls for door dings of people who parked too close to each other,” said one Sioux Falls Police Department Representative we spoke with.

Problematic areas of the city include downtown, Walmart, and anywhere an Iowan driver might be visiting.

“People driving their big ass trucks downtown have no idea that their stupid truck stick way out of the spots and take way more space than they should. It’s almost like we need to have a special parking area for people to park and maybe walk!” said one citizen we spoke with.

Sioux Falls Police estimate door ding rates from parking too close rise significantly during non-snow months.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White